Meet Sofia

My workmate and friend gifted me an orchid when I moved into my office about 10 months ago and I named it Sofia. The orchid looked beautiful with two little purple flowers but because it was a plant, I knew I would have to take good care of it in order for it to survive.

I often get asked why I named it Sofia. Well, I hadn’t had much success growing anything in the past and I really wanted Sofia to survive. I heard that talking to plants helps them grow and it needed a name for me to converse with it – right? It so happens that Sofia is the first name that came to my mind!!

After she had been gifted to me, within a few weeks of watering and caring for Sofia, her flowers started to wane and over the few following months, there weren’t many that blossomed. I had read that most orchids like the cold and as we moved into the winter season, mine did not appear to be thriving as I had expected. I had grown too attached to Sofia to give up on her although I was disappointed that she had not produced any flowers.

About three months ago, I moved the plant to a little corner where I could see it better. In this corner, the rest of my colleagues could also see the plant effortlessly so one of them suggested that I trim the stems to allow for flowers to emerge. I mustered the courage to trim the stems and I must say it was quite a painful and unsettling experience. I felt like I was setting the plant back. Yes it hadn’t been flowering but it had grown bigger and now trimming the stems had left it looking much smaller. What had I done!!

Three weeks ago before I went on leave, I spotted a few signs of life as some flower buds had emerged from the spike. Just yesterday, I couldn’t help but marvel as I looked at the beautiful Sofia. She looks lovelier than I’ve ever seen her before with dozens of lovely purple flowers and more on their way.

I also couldn’t help but think of what an object lesson this presents. I might be speaking for myself only when I say sometimes it feels like I am being trimmed. I think of the times when I go through trials and setbacks which often seem to pull me back and hinder my progress. Could it be that those experiences could help me to develop into a better person? I think so. I mean look at Sofia.

Thanks to Sofia I have been thinking of the things that I might need to cut out from my life in order to become a better version of myself. What about you? What needs to be trimmed from your life in order to generate beauty? Is it your bad friends? Could it be a bad relationship? What about your unhealthy eating habits? Procrastination? I don’t know. What I do know is that I would give up anything to be the best version that I have been called to be and that is my prayer for you as well.

By the way- I’ve only ever talked to Sofia once!!!

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