Faith grows

“How is it that you have no faith?” This is a question that Jesus asked His disciples at one time when they were caught in a storm and to be honest I think that Jesus would ask me the same question considering how I often respond in the “stormy seasons” of my life. I know I can use some more faith.

I know there is hope though. I say this because the very same disciples that Jesus said had no faith went on to do great and wonderful things. Infact, Jesus would later prophesy that they would do greater things than He had done and boy did they!! The disciples took the gospel beyond Jerusalem and Judea – spreading it to Asia including India, Europe and parts of Africa. They experienced great calamities and distress as they shared this good news. Their Ministry was filled with immense torture, humiliation and alienation. They were ridiculed for their beliefs yet they soldiered on in their mission.

Before He died, Jesus taught His disciples that if they had faith like a mustard seed, they would be able to do great things and anything would be possible for them. Why mustard seeds? It was interesting for me to read that a mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds in the world. When fully grown however, a mustard tree can reach up to seven metres in height and can be as wide as it is tall. Pretty big hey?

Could it be that Jesus was highlighting that faith, like a mustard seeds could grow? It grew for the disciples. It really did – just look at what they were able to accomplish!! It can also grow for me and you. This is why there is hope.

A story is told of Charlemagne, king of the Holy Roman Empire. King Charlemagne bowed to no one. It is said that when the Pope was about to place the crown on this head, Charlemagne seized it and crowned himself. This ruler, yet strong and feared during his lifetime, grew old. Facing death, he left instructions as to how his remains were to be handled. He was to be clad in His royal robes with a crown on his head, sceptre in hand and even seated on his throne. The tomb was to be sealed tight, never to be broken. He would reign forever even in his death!!

His servants did as he had instructed and closed the tomb. The years went by; the winds blew and shower fell on Charlemagne’s tomb. And one day the wind carried a tiny seed, and it lodged in a crack. The rain fell and the seed sprouted. It found a little soil and put down its roots which expanded the crack and the wind carried in more soil and the plant grew larger. It grew and grew until one day the tomb cracked open to reveal a skeleton slumped on a dusty throne, robes rotted away, crown fallen to the earth, sceptre in the dust. The mighty Charlemagne’s plans had been defeated by the power of a seed.

Remember; seeds grow in the right conditions. Faith, like seeds will also grow in the right conditions. I can think of studying the bible, prayer and maintaining a healthy support network that encourages spiritual growth as factors that influence growth. I’m sure you can think of many more ways to cultivate faith and trust that you will put them into practise. May God bless your faith journey.

One thought on “Faith grows

  1. I loved how simple you put across the aspect of faith and though it might seem like an emense task it is also just a short step in keeping the little light burning.
    Thank you and soldier on.


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