Lessons from my road trip

Driving is one of my favourite past times.  For me, the longer the drive, the better. Amongst other things, I enjoy the fact that I get to listen to my favourite music and sing along at the top of my voice. I also get to enjoy loud and private conversations with God. It’s awesome.

A few weeks ago, I drove around part of the South Island of New Zealand and looking back I realise the experience was way more than a chance to refresh and unwind. I learnt some good lessons that I will share.


Don’t give up

As I was planning for the trip, I went on the internet for some ideas and it was not long before I realised that the roads I would be driving on were quite challenging. On my first day in the South Island, my fears were confirmed – the mountainous terrain meant multiple steep and windy roads. I was intimidated. However, I had no choice but to drive as that worked out cheaper.

One thing though is that though challenging, the roads always led to some of the most amazing scenery I had ever witnessed and in the end it seemed all the trouble to get there was worthwhile.  

Similarly, some things in life may seem difficult from a distance but if we give in to fear and give up, we might miss out on some of the finest gifts that have our names written on them.


Stick to your own pace

I was impressed by how some drivers were able to handle high speeds on really windy roads. I, on the other hand was comfortable just sticking to the road limits but realised even that was not good enough so I would often allow the other drivers pass. I found by doing this I had a more pleasurable drive.

This experience reminded me that there are some people in life who will seem to be progress faster than me. That is fine. I just need to keep moving. Our lives are different and our experiences will vary and affect us in different ways. It is important to stay focused and keep our eyes on the road.


It’s okay to ask for help

On one of the days we set out to travel to a place called Paradise. The road to Paradise is rocky (literally) as it is partly unsealed. The road signs were infrequent and so we often wondered whether we were headed in the right direction. At one stage my sister and I seriously considered turning back as the road not only grew bumpier, it also grew narrow and dark since it went through a forest

The road to paradise is quite sparsely populated so whenever we saw people, we made sure we asked for directions. “Keep going, you will like it it’s beautiful up there” they would say, and so on we went.

If you are in a difficult situation and things seem to be getting tough – remember; ask for help. Some people may have already encountered situations similar to yours and overcome and so might have some good advice to share.


Enjoy the ride.

The views around the South Island were immaculate and we were blessed to witness good weather.  During our drives we occasionally pulled over on the side of the road to take pictures and to just enjoy the moments.

In hindsight, I wish I could have been a little more relaxed. Maybe then I would have enjoyed the rides even more.

We can experience rest and peace in our own lives when we learn to enjoy the little things and begin to count our blessings.


2 thoughts on “Lessons from my road trip

  1. Yes it is lovely driving around the South Island, the scenery is awesome. But the roads are breathtakingly spectacular and by no means scary. Try Skipper’s Canyon next time – that’s scary. Perched on the edge of a huge cliff and little room to pass another car. For a more relaxing driving experience take along a male species. Preferably one that has the same taste in music to yourself!


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